What are some good books to get for learning about marketing?

I've been put into a new position at work for a marketing coordinator. I'm currently under an outsourced director of marketing who is showing me some things and I'm being groomed to be his protege. I'm trying to learn as much about marketing as I can. Are there any good books out there I can buy at a Barnes & Noble or Borders that will allow me to learn the basics about marketing? Thanks.

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  1. The Comunist Manifesto.

  2. Al Ries and Jack Trout have written some of the greatest books in advertising - true classics. Reading the classics is often a good starting point. The marketing principles shared in these books (written by two of the greatest advertising experts in modern times) can provide a solid foundation for your 'marketing education'.




    Best wishes and good luck.

  3. One extraordinary marketing teacher is Philip Kotler. He's a college professor whose readable and insightful marketing textbooks are helped a generation of MBAs. Barnes & Noble and Borders will probably have one or more of his books. Subscriptions to Harvard Business Review and The Economist will also you keep up the marketing scene.

    There's also an interesting blog that talks about direct marketing in such a fascinating way that you want to sit right down and do a marketing plan based on the ideas that one find there. It's word-jobber.blogspot.com, and you too might find it to be a useful tool.

  4. I'm in a similar situation lol. I thought this article was pretty good, though it's bent more to marketing to modern moms. Still, a must read. I'm also attaching a link to an amazon.com store that's all about marketing. Check em both out, hope it helps!

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